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       The company has a R & D team composed of 49 engineering and technical personnel (including 5 senior engineers and 27 Engineers), and also maintains long-term cooperation with Beijing Petroleum Drilling Research Institute, Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute, Southwest Petroleum University, Tianjin University, Qingdao University of science and technology and other research institutions. It has developed the compareadvanced products in wear-resistant rubber screw drilling tools, equal wall thickness screw drilling tools and other industries. The development of this project greatly improves the service life of screw drilling tools, improves the drilling speed, and becomes the compare advanced product in the industry. The advanced design concept and patent technology make the technology level of the company's products always keep the advanced level in China. The company's current screw drilling tools have the characteristics of large torque, high efficiency, wide flow range, stable operation, high reliability, long service life and so on, which are well received by users.