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Product identification description


Product identification description:

The conventional screw drilling tools produced by our company are mainly composed of the following parts:
1) bypass valve assembly
2) motor assembly
3) cardan shaft assembly
4) transmission shaft assembly
All drilling tools are designed with safety anti dropping devices. On the basis of conventional screw drilling tools, the following special-purpose components can be provided to meet various drilling needs, mainly including:
1) directional joint:
2) the bent joint (p-type drilling tool) installed at the lower part of the bypass valve or the lower part of the bypass valve as a single bent or double bent screw drilling tool;
3) special motors (F-type and G-type drilling tools) used for hollow split flow, high temperature resistant and high power drilling tools;
4) cardan shaft bending shell with bending angle (D-type and p-type drilling tools);
5) universal shaft bending shell assembly (K-type drilling tool) with adjustable wellhead angle;
6) it can specially design straight edge, spiral or symmetrical, asymmetric and other forms of bearing housing stabilizer (W-type drilling tool) on the transmission shaft.