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Screw pump


GLB series oil production screw pump is a new type of oil production equipment. It is mainly composed of single screw pump and ground drive device. It is simple in structure, small in volume, light in weight, convenient in use and maintenance, energy saving, low in price, wide in type range of liquid to be pumped, including high viscous oil, high waxy crude oil, sand crude oil, which shows very superior performance in crude oil production. It is a new generation of oil production equipment.
Introduction of screw pump production system
The production screw pump is a new type of production machinery, which is composed of single screw pump and ground.
The driving device is composed of two parts, the two parts are connected by the enhanced sucker rod as the deflection shaft, which transmits the wellhead power to the downhole through the rotary motion of the sucker rod, and drives the pump to work.
The downhole single screw pump is composed of a single head rotor and a double head stator, forming a sealed cavity between the two pieces. When the rotor rotates in the stator, the cavity will move from one end to the other end spirally, thus playing the role of the pump. The cavity is formed in sequence at the inlet of the pump until the other end and always keeps the geometric dimension unchanged, so the liquid inhaled at the inlet is discharged from the other end along with the spiral movement of the cavity. Because it has few moving parts, no valves and complex flow channels, small hydraulic loss, continuous medium suction and discharge, not easy to sand, and no gas lock, so it pumps a wide range of liquid, including high viscosity oil, sand crude oil and high water fraction mixed liquid
There are two kinds of ground drive devices: mechanical drive and hydraulic drive. Our factory mainly produces the ground drive device driven by machinery, and also designs and manufactures the ground drive device driven by hydraulic pressure according to the user's requirements. The ground driving device of mechanical drive is equipped with self-aligning thrust centripetal spherical roller bearing, which bears the axial load of the pump, adopts two-stage deceleration of belt and gear, and uses the method of replacing belt pulley to adjust the speed. The device is simple in structure and reliable in operation.